coral pink tutu with cotton shorts lining

Soft tutu skirt.  coral pinktulle with charcoal grey cotton lining.

100 % cotton shorts lining  and waistband are soft and comfortable for skin.

2 layers of mesh skirts and 1 layer of cotton shorts. total 3 layers.

Elastic waistband.

Size is generous. Please choose size that matches age.

Handmade in New York City.

Size Guide

Sizing Chart
0-3m : 7-12 lbs, 18-23"
3-6m : 12-17 lbs, 23-27"
6-12m : 17-22 lbs, 27"-29"
12-18 m: 22-27 lbs, 29"-31"
18-24m: 27-30 lbs, 31-33"

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