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My story

    I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.  I had always dreamed to be a fashion designer.    When I was little, I was drawing cute paper dolls on every paper that I had.   I made sure that none of my paper dolls wore the same outfits.  It was just natural for me to move to New York City to study fashion design from F.I.T.   After graduation, I had worked as a fashion designer for 17 years at wonderful companies. During this time, I had met amazingly great associates and friends all over the world.  The support and love from my colleagues, friends and family is main source of the energy that keeps me moving today in exploring new adventures at “luckypalmtree” 


When I had my daughter a few years ago, she was born with very sensitive skin and she often had eczema breakouts with unknown triggers.  I had started looking for organic and eco conscious choices for her.  I made some of her clothes and accessories using organic cotton that I had gotten from sources I could trust.  I strongly felt that it was time for me to step up as a business to pursuit what I truly wanted to do in life.

    I want to show my child beautiful nature and animals that we often forgot to think of.   I want to show babies natural and beautiful world and friends that they will soon explore on their own.   At luckypalmtree, you will find items that are made of carefully selected materials with premium quality & eco-conscious procedure.  I persist to use only 100% cotton thread to put together our products because I am also one of those who will develop skin irritation from the seams inside of clothes. Besides our top notch quality,  you will love one of kind designs that express happy, positive, natural, loving messages.
   If you are in or near NYC, please, stop by at our SOHO location to say hello and cheer me up!  Yes, being a small business owner is really something! :)
Thank you for reading my story.
Designer, Kate and her model, Tessa in her design.


(Production information)

 My textile designs are created by me and my bestie, Jessica.  I proudly produce fabrics of original designs by luckypalmtree into cute one of kind styles with help of local family-owned small businesses in the USA.

 (Legal information)

All luckypaomtree original print designs are copyrighted.

The unauthorized usages of luckypalmtree trade-mark is illegal. All rights belong to luckypalmtree inc.







Sizing Chart
0-3m : 7-12 lbs, 18-23"
3-6m : 12-17 lbs, 23-27"
6-12m : 17-22 lbs, 27"-29"
12-18 m: 22-27 lbs, 29"-31"
18-24m: 27-30 lbs, 31-33"

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