About Us

luckypalmtree is a luxury organic babies and kids brand that offers high quality and exclusive clothes and accessories to babies and kids. Our products are proudly handmade in USA. We craft each style with 100% certified organic cotton using 100% cotton thread only.  No more irritation on the seam with luckypalmtree-made!

Designer Kate lee and team will design one of a kind print each season and print fabric locally in the US using only non toxic water based ink.  We offer premium US grown organic cotton that are GOTS certified for our products.

 More about Kate

Kate is born and raised in Seoul, Korea.  She loved drawing hundreds of cute paper dolls on her sketch book when she was teen.  None of these outfits of her paper dolls were the same.  It was just natural for her to move to NYC to study fashion design from F.I.T.   After working 17 years with several brands and designers, she started luckypalmtree in order to explore organic babies and kids styles that she has been wanting to bring to families.   She likes to design styles that express happy, positive, and loving messages. Her witty fashion and green thumb have taught her that nothing comes for free. What goes around comes around. If her products are organic and eco-friendly, perhaps Nature will provide more love for our children. She believes that "America made products" will help to keep our beautiful craftsmanship and hard working spirit in our hearts.

What people says about Kate 

"Having 15 years as a women's clothing designer in the NY fashion industry, Kate Lee has since happily united her greatest loves to thread "luckypalmtree." 

Why Organic cotton is better?

Organic cotton has a low-impact on the environment and handlers. It is grown and harvested by methods that do not use toxic pesticides, herbacides, fertilizers or defoliants. It relies on natural methods which includes (but is not limited to) crop rotation and cow manure for soil fertility; beneficial predator insects; lengthened growing periods for natural defoliation; and hand-picking, which results in less waste. The statistics from various countries on the health issues of the farmers and handlers of chemically treated crops are startling. The health benefits of organically grown cotton are clear, as are the environmental aspects: reduced toxins and pollutants which infiltrate both the soil and water systems and consequently all living things. It might also be interesting to know also that the cottonseed meal, which is a byproduct of the ginning process, including that of chemically treated cotton, is fed to livestock and can come to us in the form of cottonseed oil in our foods.

Articles about organic cotton

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luckypalmtree makes 100% certified organic cotton clothing and accessories that are treated with love and creativity not pesticide. we believe that our little steps will help our babies to live in a better world. 




Sizing Chart
0-3m : 7-12 lbs, 18-23"
3-6m : 12-17 lbs, 23-27"
6-12m : 17-22 lbs, 27"-29"
12-18 m: 22-27 lbs, 29"-31"
18-24m: 27-30 lbs, 31-33"

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